Established in 2023 The Parents Hood AU's vision is to empower confident parenting through educational resources. We know it's through confident parents that children thrive and the more informed we are the better we can ensure the wellbeing of the little ones in our care. But parenting didn't come with a manual and there are so many difference experiences we go through when parenting that are often not talked about or shared. It's through sharing our experiences and knowledge that we can help others and help our community grow. 

The idea started when Eli was a first time mum, doom scrolling at 2am wondering why her baby wouldn't go to sleep and if it would last forever. Everyone stand they had the answer but it was behind gates of green and way out of a first time mum on maternity leaves budget. Eli took to her network of other parents, some who had been round the block a couple of times and some who were still fresh in the thick of it. It was here that Eli not only found comfort in hearing other peoples experience but she also found valuable knowledge.
So thats what our goal is at The Parents Hood, to bring you lived experiences, stories and knowledge through our resources. Because although we often feel one in what we are going through as parents someone somewhere has been exactly where you are. 

We firmly believe there is no absolute right or wrong way to parent, but with education and knowledge we can better informed decisions as we go on our parenting journey. We collaborate closely with professionals in their industry as well as do extensive research before publishing anything, to make sure our content is as accurate as possible. 
So join in at The Parents Hood, share your experience, ask questions to the community and know your not alone in this journey no matter what stage of parenting you are at. There is something here for everyone.

Here are at The Parents Hood you'll find:

  • Fortnightly blog posts (FREE)
  • Featured magazine published once a term
  • Digital resources for all ages and stages
  • Real stories from real parents
  • The opportunity to request topics and share your story.
  • Community empowering confident parenting.
Our Stuff!

Meet the Founder/Editor

Hey fellow parents, I'm Elishia the founder and editor of The Parents Hood AU.

I'm a serial daydreamer, gardener, jack-of-all-tades (master of none), foodie and a first time mum.

The past five years i've been working as a social worker. Working with disadvantaged families, children with trauma and parents from all different backgrounds. My passion for helping parents grow and see their children thrive is what drives me. Its been hard work and yet also so rewarding. However, a common theme i have always noticed is the lack of community, education and experience shared. Becoming a first time mum myself, that deficit only became more apparent when all i desperately wanted was reassurance and connection to know i wasnt alone and what i was going through would pass or could be overcome.

From there The Parents Hood was born. My goal is to work closely with parents and professionals, drawing on my own experiances, to help empower parents with knowledge and experience to see their children thrive.

I cant wait to see where this next chapter of my life takes me and it's a privilege to walk beside you on yours.

xx Eli.